How to make a good Italian cappuccino at home.

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Where does the name come from?

The origins of the name are very easy to find out. Italians give things funny names and cappuccino is also a capuchin friar, so the name explains itself with the same color of the milk and coffee as the cloth of the friars


Legends and origins of coffee

The legend wants that Kaldi the goat shepperd first discovered coffee in either Ethiopia or Yemen around the year 800 when his goats began dancing after chewing on a coffee bush. From there the cultivation and production started.

In Europe coffee arrived later. Many believe it was with the ottoman (not the ottomom) when casually after the battle of Vienna in 1683 bags of coffee left by the Turks where found.

In reality coffee was known before by a few as documented by the work of Francis Bacon published in 1627. ( see what he wrote)

Different kinds of coffee what to use.

As everyone knows there are a lot of different varietals of coffee and also the coffee is roasted and grinded in many different ways.

For a good real Italian cappuccino I always recommend to use a dark roasted blend possibly of arabica of different origins thinly grinded, but the best is for me to buy Illy caffe which is a blend of arabica and comes already grinded in a vacuum sealed can or even better capsules. Grinding coffee on your own requires a good machine and knowledge if you want the perfect coffee powder.

Different ways of preparing coffee.

Although there are many different ways to prepare coffee and so cappuccino, for me the use of an espresso home machine is the best. At home here in the U.S.A. we have  an inexpensive machine that really makes good coffee.

How to make a really good cappuccino.

For the foaming of the milk use a little quantity of milk, remember it has to be the color of the capuchin friars vest.

I discovered that for the foaming all kinds of milk are good, but for the taste the heavier ones are better.

Last but not least if you like you can pour cocoa powder on top.

Corretto Italians like the caffe corretto with a shot of sambuca amaro or their favorite drink. Some also like the cappuccino corretto, which is not my favorite unless it gets the baileys shot.

If you have the chance to go to  Italy  you will see the illy sign out of a lot of Italian coffee houses. This are the places to enjoy the perfect Italian cappuccino

And than when in Rome do as the Romans do. Buy a maritozzo con panna. Maritozzo con panna is a sort of sweet bread croissant filled with whipped cream. Dip it in the cappuccino and enjoy. Well in the States this morning I replaced it with a muffin.


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