BOOKS about Wines

    If you want to learn about Italian wines there is for me no better author than Luigi Veronelli. Reading his books i learned a lot about wine Italy and good food. Although what he wrote is not updated, in terms that a lot of things changed. This does not matter as what he wrote will make you really understand and love wine.

Veronelli was born in Milan the second of February 1926 and died in Bergamo the 29 November 2004.

He wrote for different important Italian papers and worked also for the Italian television. In 1990 he founded his own publishing house called with his own name. Left in Rome i have many of his books and also books published by his house.

I have the annual edition of the Italian wines since the early nineties. It can be a great bargain here in the States to know the correct evaluation of Italian wines. This because you can for example find 1997 Tuscan bottles at extremely low prices. I paid an unbelievable excellent chainti riserva 1997 27 dollars. It was priced the same as other vintages going from 1995 to 2003.I could not believe my eyes.

I explain this low prices as this could be bottles bought when the dollar was much higher towards the euro or the lira if you want.

Drinking a 1997 Tuscan red wine is an incredible emotion. It is considered the best vintage of the century. Many of this wines can last for much longer,although the one i had it was at perfect maturity. I will never forget.

The more you know the less you spend. Recently i tasted some Sangiovese varietal wines in California. Prices between the 20 and the 40 dollars a bottle. I did not comment, but what a difference! This is something i will write more about, but for me many of the California wines, are overpriced.

Buy his books because some you will find only used! Learn about the many different Italian varietals and so many wonderful wine producers.


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